Outdoor Speakers Shed Light, Too

ibiza.jpgLeave it to the Italians to design these outdoor speakers that double as ice blue-colored lighting fixtures, saving energy with their compact fluorescent bulbs while rocking the night away with sound that better be high fidelity for their $700-$900 cost. Choose these weatherproof Ibiza speakers/lights by Italian lighting designer Oluce as either wall-mounted sconces as you see here, or 45-inch floor models, all of which are supported on brushed stainless steel poles.

What you don't see here is the wiring, because you're going to have to connect speaker cables and AC power to these lovelies, which might take some doing if you're not building a new house.

We were at first skeptical of those tiny speakers up front, but then we considered the big sound that's coming out of tiny speakers these days and realize that it might be possible for these to actually sound pretty good. All you need to do is add a waterproof subwoofer and one of those yellow bug light bulbs, you might have yourself the makings of a summer luau out in the backyard.

Outdoor lighting that sounds good [Crave, via Sci Fi Tech]

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