Non-Magic T-Shirt Reveals Harry Potter's Ending to Enrage Fans

reeveelotshirto-1.jpgFans of boy wizards, pet owls and precocious English girls won't be too keen on the Harry Potter Enlightenment Project, a group of British scallywags who have produced a spoilsport T-Shirt that will make children cry and their parents call you every name under the sun. Jump to see Cho (Katie Leung) revealing all. [NSFP version - Not Safe For Potterphiles, spoil-o-rama ahead]

AU: The things I do for you people... posting this was like trying to avoid staring into the sun, but being told it's part of your job. I'm no Potterphile, but I do want to get through this last one without meeting a nasty spoiler in my online travels. It's damn hard!


The T-shirt is not available in - or on, lay-dee fans - the model shown. It comes in either black or yellow in regular man-muggle sizes and will cost you £15, or just over 30 bucks. [Harry Potter Enlightenment Project]


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