Niles IC2, the Mother of All Universal Remotes

niles_IC2_remote_front.jpgNiles, remote makers to the stars and NBA basketball players, has finally decided to upgrade its venerable easy-to-use Intellicontrol remote control to the IC2, an even simpler version with larger buttons and up-to-date devices.

Long a mainstay of the high-end home theater installation market, the Intellicontrol has been around for 12 years, and is the device that inspired lots of universal remotes, including our favorite Logitech Harmony line that lets you just push one button to get everything going for about a tenth the price.

No fancy-schmancy touchscreens here, these are all buttons, all the time, and those buttons are much bigger to make it simpler to use. This monster comes in two pieces, the main system unit that receives the remote signals and distributes them accordingly, and then the "big button remote" that can run 16 devices, and can even control systems all over your McMansion.

The downside? This is one of the most expensive remotes you can get, with the system costing $999. It's generally installed by home theater professionals, who probably wouldn't mind charging you $300 for a couple of cables, either. Nevertheless, you get one of those pro installers to set this baby up, and all you need to do is push one of the master keys on the left and it turns on the proper components in the right sequence. Must be nice. The IC2 will be available in September, 2007.

Psst! This Logitech Harmony does just about the same thing! [CEPro]

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