Next-gen Presidential Helicopter Now Flying, George Jr. Won't Get One

14896.jpgLockheed Martin's new VH-71 Presidential Helicopter just completed its maiden flight. The next Navy's Marine One will be the most advanced in the world, with all sorts of fancy-schmancy avionics, anti-weapons thing-a-mabooms and full communication gadgetry to give the Leader of the Free World "Oval Office in the sky capabilities." As opposed to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds capabilities. Unfortunately, someone is not getting his new toy.

The VH-71 industry team will build a fleet of "Marine One" helicopters in two increments. Four test aircraft and five pilot production VH-71 aircraft comprising the Increment 1 phase are to be delivered through 2009. Increment 1 will answer the urgent need for an air system with enhanced performance. Increment 2 will see a significant increase in aircraft performance, and will feature technical enhancements designed to give command and control capability while in flight.

So there you go. No heli for Junior. Who will fly first in the VH-71? Rudy? Obama? Hillary? Samsung's President The Emperor Ming of Mongo after a coup by his cyborg ninja team?

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