New Intel Extreme Processors for Laptops Can be Overclocked

extreme-to-go.jpgIntel has just announced its new mobile top dog, the first Extreme CPU to go. The Core 2 Extreme X7800 runs at 2.6GHz and has a 800MHz front-side bus with 4MB L2 cache. The new X7800 offers Enhanced Deep Sleep (for better energy saving), Advanced Media Boost (for faster video, photo and music editing) and it can even be overclocked (for smoother plastic melting). But the question is: will it...... be the processor for the incoming MacBook Pros? (Yes, I know, that was a cheap shot but I couldn't resist.) Intel says it offers 28% more speed than the previous generation. If your concept of previous generation is the early Core Duo T2600, that's OK, but what we want to know is the performance increase compared to the latest and best Core 2 Duo CPU. Whatever that difference is, however, manufacturers will be able to squeeze extra juice from this new chip, since Intel has removed all anti-overclocking measures from this version of the Core 2 Duo. [CNET]

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