New Denon Headphones Make Mysterious Appearance At Line Show

Denon_earphones.jpg Yesterday, at Denon's line show in Jersey City, three pairs of noise-isolating earphones and three pairs of updated performance over-the-ear headphones were on display. However, they were not part of the presentation and there were no press releases. They're nice looking, and nice sounding, so I did some digging for more information, which you can check out after the jump. Here's the deal: the AH-C351K/W at left will cost $50 and is out in August with white or black finish, and a soft carrying pouch. The step-up AH-C551K will sell for $100 in October. Made from machined aluminum, it comes in black with a hard case and accessories like an L-shaped connector and a cable clip. The high-end aluminum AH-C751S will cost $200, out in August in black or silver.

I don't have any extra info on the larger headphones—AH-D301, AH-D501 and AH-D701—but if you subtract 1 from each model number, you can figure out basic price ranges and performance numbers. I will tell you that none of headphones "Works With iPhone" but they mostly have two-piece cords, like Shures, so there will likely be an iPhone-friendly extension or adapter, perhaps even with a built-in mic, in the future. If I ever get more info, I'll be sure to let you know.

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