New ATI TV Wonder Cards Add Enhanced DVR Functionality, QAM Tuner

tvwonder650-board.jpgToday, ATI announced the 600 USB and 650 PCIe cards, one for USB one for PCIe. The USB is a single tuner HDTV device for laptops, like the Pinnacle. The 650 PCIe is a desktop card with two tuners (that's new) that records and plays an analog and digital source simultaneously. Both cards have Orb DVR software which allows other PCs on the network to stream shows from the host PC.Also included in the 650PCIe is ClearQAM, a little publicized technology in a number of HDTVs. Like CableCARD, QAM is able to descramble digital TV signals without the use of a set top box. What that means for consumers is a handful of local channels and any other digital content cable companies include with basic cable. But seeing as they enjoy charging extra for extra hardware and multi-tiered cable schemes, we're guessing you won't be overwhelmed with the selection. No pricing yet, will arrive in September. amdtvwonder600-lg.jpg[Electronista]

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