New $300 Wal-Mart PC is Bloatware-Free

banner_everex_impact_gc3502_v7.jpgThe Everex IMPACT GC3502 is a basic box, running a 1.5GHz VIA CPU, 1GB of RAM, 80GB of HDD, and a DVD burner, and for $300 includes keyboard, mouse and speakers, but no monitor. Best of all it comes with Vista home, OpenOffice 2.2 and is free from craplets infestation.

We're glad Everex is taking a stand, and hope other mainstream companies see the writing on the wall and stop shoving AOL trial widgets down our throats. We know how to use PCs, and we want em shiny and new on the inside when we buy em. The PC isn't on Walmart's site yet, but it should be soon. [Everex via Ars]

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