Network Walkman NWD-B100 to Hit Europe Next Month

sony_nwd_b100-thumb.jpg Sony's latest Network Walkman, the NWD-B100, is heading for Europe. Available from next month in three colors and four different models, the NWD-B100 also has a rather useful drag 'n' drop feature, which means you can just plug it into the USB and transfer songs directly, thanks to its built-in Auto Transfer software. Er, what else has it got?Two different memory sizes, for starters. The 1GB versions, the B103 and B103F, hold 660 songs, and the 2GB (B105 and B105F) 990. There's a 3-line color LCD display, 6-mode equalizer and it supports MP3 and WMA files.

You can search for your songs by either File/Folder or Song/Album/Artist, its built-in microphone lets you record voices, and there's an FM tuner. The 103F and 105F allow you to record stuff off the radio. Weighing in at 30 grams there is, as yet, no word on the NWD-B100's price. [New Launches]

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