MusicMarker Now Song IDer

musicmarker1l.jpgFor those times when you listen to the radio (do people still listen to the radio?) and you can't identify a song [do people still listen to songs?]there's the $19.95 MusicMarker. Press the button to activate the mic while the elusive song is playing, and the MusicMarker will record a snippet. When you get home, plug the unit in via USB and it will identify the track for you. The catch?

We're betting on loads of bloatware. There's no word on the site about exactly what service is being used to identify the tracks, and there is an option to be pointed to an MP3 or CD of the song. We have flashy visions of ads, annoying voices selling us stuff and maybe even a moose that appears on our desktop who occasionally flashes us. Hmm...a promising device after all? "

[Product Page]

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