Multiple Speech Recognition To Make Sex Dolls More Fun

Kyoto University and the Honda Research Institute Japan have collaborated to form the Robot Audition Project. They are at present making some very impressive ground; they have developed an advanced speech recognition technology that has the capability to understand multiple, unique speech inputs, whilst computing their meaning independently.The efforts of the team are coming to fruition now, following years of research in the field. They have been able to integrate the multiple speech recognition with enhanced existing technologies. This has allowed robots to recognise the direction and hence categorise speech input qualitatively according to each individual.

The team has already incorporated the developments into the much-loved Honda Asimo and another robot called Robovie R2, seen in the video.

The practical applications are staggering, but surly the most pertinent is being able to finally have a well-communicated, meaningful threesome with your two sex doll robots. You sicko. Hit the video to see it in action. (The technology, not the threesome. You sicko). [Technabob]

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