Multimedia Player-Projector Built Like a Flashlight

flashlight_mediaplayer.jpgDesigner Can-Hong Huang takes a page out of Sony's dildo-shaped music player playbook, coming up with this multimedia player that also takes on a phallic shape. This design concept is not only a cylindrical MP3 player with rotating control knobs on its barrel, but instead of a screen it has a flashlightesque projector on the end that can turn any white wall into a mini movie theater.

The rest of the design involves a gorgeous dock into which you plant this pole, and along for the ride are a couple of kooky-looking wireless earbuds that bear a strong resemblance to one of our favorite bowls from back in the college days. Was old Can-Hong really trying to make those buds look like little blue-bowled hash pipes? Try explaining those away to your mom.

[Yanko Design]

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