Mr Lee Gives Cat's-Eye View of the World via NeckCam

CC_TIT1.JPG.jpgLet's have a round of applaws (oh dear) and some stroky-stroky for Mr Lee, the world's foremost cat photographer. His owner, South Carolina resident Jurgen Perthold, was curious as to what Mr Lee got up to during the day. So he rigged up a shock-, scratch-, water- and theft-resistant camera, slung it round Mr Lee's neck and sent him off to hunt voles. Turns out he's pretty good at taking pics - as the gallery shows, after the jump.

Jurgen used a VistaQuest VQ1005 Digital Keychain Camera with a microcontroller, setting the gizmo to take a pic every 90 seconds. You can buy the CatCam on his site for $45, and it costs less if you want to buy the components separately and make it up yourself. [Mr Lee Catcam via Shiny Shiny]

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