Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent, Next Best Thing to Home

mountain-hardware-stronghol.jpg The Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent shields you from even the most horrific elements, constructed in a dome shape with some of the strongest geometry known to man. While it's not that McMansion where you usually hang out, it still has two doors, a roof vent for staring into space late into the night, and five other windows for cross ventilation and breathtaking views of the great outdoors. You can see it in its two configurations here, where the white tent in the picture above is its single-wall summer configuration, and the orange and gray one shows the tent with its extra layer on top, constructed to withstand even the fiercest Alpine conditions. It's plenty big, too, with a 6.99-foot center height and 171 square feet of room inside, supposedly big enough for 10 people.

These $3000 tents are made for Arctic and Himalaya expeditions, but you'd better be pretty strong if you want to carry one of these things up Everest: It weighs 50 pounds in its pack. Might want to get one of your Sherpas to handle this one. [Mountain Hardware, via Born Rich]

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