Motz Music Box Adds MP3 Player to Anything

everg2_1.jpgSadly in Japan only for now, Evergreen has released a barebones MP3 player designed to be stuck into anything you can think about. The Motz Music Box includes a 28×25×18mm base unit with USB port, supports MP3, WMA and OGG file formats and has a nipplestick attached with a short cable. As you will see in the gallery after the jump, it has the potential to create either incredibly cool or diabetes-inducing-cute MP3 players.

The only bad thing is the playback time and tiny memory: just 3 hours and 256MB. Just in time for the hand-knitted iPhone, the Motz Music Box has a $40 pricetag.

Product page [Evergreen via Impress AV Watch]

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