Motorola Quietly Introduces MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth Music FM Transmitter Speakerphone

Moto_T505.jpg Today at the Motorola holiday show in NYC, amid a sea of RAZR-style phones and accessories that many Giz readers have already seen, Motorola showed off a few new items. The coolest (we hope) will be the ROKR T505 speakerphone. Like its predecessors in the T line, this one clips to the visor above your head. But unlike those older models, this one earns the ROKR badge by taking stereo streaming audio from your phone or music player via Bluetooth A2DP profile. It can either play it through speakers, or transmit it via FM to your car stereo. I am leery of this double-wireless action, and the demo was in too noisy a room for quality evaluation, but the Moto folks seem confident. One cool thing: it scans for clean frequencies, and when it finds one, it says aloud, "Tune your radio to 90.7." It also speaks caller ID out loud, and has 20 hours of battery life. Pricing and availability are not yet announced.

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