More PIctures of the Prism, Aka the Nokia 7500

nokia_7500_1-thumb.jpg I can't make up my mind about the Prism. First up, I HATED it. Now I'm not so sure. Perhaps the phone, also known as the Nokia 7500, looks better in white. I'm not sure whether the lay-dee with the duck-egg blue shadow round one eye (did she slip over in the bathroom and give herself a nasty knock?) enhances the phone or detracts from its oddness. The Eighties accessories (chunky bangle and quilted clutch bag) definitely don't do anything for its looks. Oh, see for yourselves at its Fash-ion launch earlier this week in China.

Since the FCC has given Nokia's diamond design the thumbs up, there's a good chance we'll be seeing it over here. When that will be is another question altogether.

Nokia 7500 Prism - more pics [New Launches]

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