More Olympus E-P1 Details Leaked

olympus-sm.jpgOlympus's mega rig is becoming the worst kept DSLR secret in the industry. First the easily answered riddle we saw a few weeks ago, now this leaked power point document pored over by CNet, highlighting technical features like a 10MP rating, multi-swivel live view lcd, and an October release date. Steve at CNet notes that this flagship's stats make it competitive with the prosumer Canon and Nikon setups (the 30D and D200), not the truly rough-and-tumble pro rigs. It's all still unconfirmed, but here are the details, along with some shots of the prototype we took back in March. •Again, 10MP, 1/8000th of a second shutter speed •A magnifying viewfinder that displays 100% of the lens view at 115% for easier spotting. •5 frames per second, which is far slower than Canon's newer cameras above the 30D range. •A more powerful in-camera anti-shake system. •Wireless flash control •A multiple angle live view LCD. •Better weatherproofing •A dust reduction system (which is not the same, apparently, as the shaking-sensor systems that competitors use.) [CNET]

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