MadCatz AirDrives Earphones Pull Earbuds Out Of Your Ears

airdrivessmall.jpgAs a member of the iPod generation, you're probably used to the feeling of tiny plastic speakers being jammed into your ear canals. MadCatz decided that some consumers might be tired of that vaguely invasive practice and, after acquiring In Air Technology, went on to develop the AirDrives, a new hybrid style earphone that fits gently over the ear and places the earbud just outside the entrance of the ear.

airdrives1.jpgDesigned with both safety and comfort in mind, the AirDrives meet OSHA standards for all-day listening because of the distance they put between the ear drum and the audio source. MadCatz also claims this unique design drowns out less ambient noise than traditional earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, making them realistic for office workers, joggers or other users who don't want to zone out entirely while enjoying their music. Available in September, a kid-sized set will cost $70 while the one-size-fits-all adult version will be $100. [MadCatz AirDrives via Electronista]

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