Mada Caimes Hemp Guitar and the Rock Tamashii Guitarless Pick

hempguitarandpick.jpgFor you guitar nuts out there we've got two crazy items: a guitar made entirely out of hemp (body and all), and a pre-programmed pick for when you're out without your axe. The Mada Caimes is fashioned entirely from hemp pulp and features a body without edges. But if you forget your Caimes at home, or lose it in a fire, there's also the Rock Tamashii guitar pick, loaded with rock hits. You'll be the coolest guy on the bus when people discover your air guitar is in fact musical.Think that hemp would hinder the sound? The designers claim it doesn't, as it has no plastic bits in the body to close any of the gaps which would inhibit sound. On the Mada website, one designer fills us in on how the company uses its hemp: "I wanted to create an erotic object, the Venus of guitars, to support the special relationship between the musician and his/her instrument." Wink, wink!

As for the Rock Tamashii pick, you'll have four picks with two songs each to choose from. Bands include Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, and Green Day. An air guitar is a lot cheaper too—$15 per pick. Buying one guitar's worth of hemp will set you back a whopping nearly 6,000 bucks.

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