Lomak Light Control Frees Hands for "Better Uses"

lomak.jpgLomak (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard) allows for control of an entire computer through the use of a light pointer, accommodating those who have difficulty with traditional input devices.

Operated by hand or head, users aim the beam of light at a pad holding rotary-style letters and numbers. As the light passes over each button, it appears on screen without the need for clicking or nodding or any special gestures. Thereby, typing requires only slight dexterity in a system with nearly no learning curve. Also, no special software or calibration is required, and the Lomak in no way changes the UI of your existing programs.

The Lomak won gold in the 2007 IDEA design awards and we hope to see the design actualized soon. How men everywhere will explain the need for hands-free web browsing is not yet known. [design via scifitech]

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