Lightning Round: Sound ID SM100 Bluetooth Headset

soundidsm100.jpg Welcome to our first Lightning Round Review ever! Here we take the Sound ID SM100 out for a test run and report the results. It's like a regular review, but more lightning-y.

The gadget: A Bluetooth headset with "Adaptive Noise Compensation" technology, which is fancy talk for noise cancellation to make your calls sound better.

The verdict: Pretty great, but not quite as good as the Jawbone (the best headset so far) for outgoing calls. Actually better for incoming call quality (the stuff you hear the other person say). But the extras may make up for it if you actually have a need.The catch:

Besides just making your calls clearer, there's also an Environmental Mode that acts (when not in a call) as a hearing aid to amplify conversations. A third mode, One2One mode, lets you tether two Sound IDs together as a sort of in-ear walkie-talkie device to further enhance communication.

The performance: It fits comfortably as an in-ear headset, but the fact that it's in ear means it's less sturdy than a loop-type that goes over your ear. There is a RealComfort EarLoop that's supposed to attach to your ear, but it didn't work well for us.

The price: $129.

The recommendation: Buy it if you have a need to use the extra features to make conversations in loud rooms louder. Also, if you value incoming call quality more than outgoing call quality—a.k.a., if you're selfish. Otherwise, the Jawbone is a better bet overall.

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