Life Size Fly Robot to Spy On World Undetected

fly%20robot-jj-001.jpg Calling something life size in the world of gadgets usually isn't regarded positively. Although you can toss that theory aside when you're referring to a robotic fly with a 3 cm long wingspan that weighs 60 miligrams. Created by a team of researchers from Harvard, the Fly Robot is poised to take the world of surveillance by storm. They are still working on the control scheme for flying this minuscule 007. But once they get it figured out imagine how hard it will be to detect one of these guys. Especially if you release a few real flies along with it. This will truly give new meaning to the term "bugged" (Sorry we couldn't resist). Oh and and for you videophiles, here's a link to a clip of it taking off and another of its wings. [Treehugger]

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