KVH Global Satellite Broadband Makes Wallets Cry

TracPhone.jpgHow important is your broadband access? If you were, say, heading out to the high seas for a few months, how much would you pay for a 2Mbps connection in the middle of the ocean? A few hundred bucks, perhaps, just so you had access to BitTorrent and could download movies for your lonely nights at sea? You wish.

KVH Industries offers a pretty slick global broadband setup, but it's a little pricey. $5,000 a month, to be exact. Oh, and the equipment costs $34,000. And hey, if that $5,000 per month pricetag is too much for you, you can always buy your bandwidth a la carte at the low, low price of $5 per megabyte downloaded. That would make your DVD rip of You, Me, and Dupree cost you about $3,750. See kids? Piracy just isn't worth it. [Product Page via Broadband Reports]

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