Kanye West Is Tetsuo

Nevermind that Kanye West manages to bring down the great Daft Punk sample in his latest single, "Stronger," with some boring raps. Says the Kanye: "Does anyone make real shit anymore?" Apparently not, but fans of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic Akira film will probably find something to like in the video's live-action re-imagining of some scenes from the film. You can also watch a higher-res version of it on Kanye's site, here. [JEANSNOW.NET]


    This would be a great track if Kanye wasn't such a whiner. The whole I'm-so-rich-and-it's-so-hard thing is get super annoying.

    As if his music and comments werent bad enough he goes and tries to ruin Akira for me. Someone needs to tell him to wake up to himself

    Hang on, you say he's taking parts from Daft Punk and spoiling them with his lack of talent, but you give him credit for taking bits from Akira and ruining them with his lack of talent. Since when do audio and video have different rules?

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