J-Me Cassette, Small on Mix, Big on Tape

Post1%3A21.jpg When is a cassette not really a cassette? When it is cunningly disguised as a sticky tape dispenser, of course. The clever guys at J-Me have identified the life span of the audio cassette as transient, but rather than let it rest in peace, they have reinvented it to spew sticky tape from its innards. In the early 90's a similar occurrence may have caused your heart to leap to your mouth, as you saw your Backstreet Boys 2Pac album being devoured by a cassette player bent on destruction. Rest easy then, this cassette will only release the kind of tape used in tacking down envelope flaps that have lost their sticky purpose in life.

Shipping this September, the J-Me Tape Dispenser is available for pre-order at £12.50 (c.$25). [Product Page via Urban Retro Lifestyle]

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