Jellio Lite Table, Candy For Your Brain

JellioF1.jpgJellio might sound like the name of a super addictive confectionary that in surplus will give you the mother of all stomach aches. Rest assured that it is in fact the company behind the very chic Lite Table (their spelling, not ours).

The table comprises the solid structure base with 100 large acrylic pegs inset; the pegs can be rearranged to live out your wildest acrylic peg rearrangement fantasies. As if that was not enough to satisfy you, the magic happens when a small light source is placed under the table. The light shimmers through giving you the feeling that perhaps magic mushrooms won't be needed to reach your oh-so euphoric high. When you come round to your senses and realise that you've just spent $600 for the said privilege, you may, however, reconsider your recent drug-free decision. A shame then you'll have no money left over to indulge your sorrows. [jelio]

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