Japan's Hello Kitty Cat Humiliation System

sadkitty.jpg Oh… oh my. Japan, a country that never fails to blow my mind, has just seen the release of, according to Google's hilariously inept machine translation, the "Hello Kitty transformation set." It's basically a hat, bib, collar and carrying bag to turn your cat into the saddest, most ridiculous-looking cat on the block. Below, you'll find a gallery of cats with no dignity. After the jump, you'll find examples of perhaps the greatest machine translation I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating. You're gonna want to see this. Thanks again for the comedy gold, Japan!


This the commodity is not daily arrival and the collar. It will stop the use and unreasonable wearing of long haul. "Foppery" to be delightful is potato excessively for the cat.

With the [ri]which is the [ku]which is said becomes matter of concern, but....

So, when the [ya]it is you dress in the cat of the foppish class upper-class person, attracting the attention of the camera young priest in oneself you are not wrong the shank!

Holy shit. [Gizmodo Japan]

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