iWood Case for iPhone Covers Up That Which is Already Purdy

iwood-for-the-iphone.jpgHere come the iPhone cases, and the iWood by Miniot is the swankiest one yet, crafted of some fine-looking mahogany. It has a thin sheet of polycarbonate over the iPhone's screen that will still let you do the touchy-feely thing for which it's so well loved, but that plastic will still protect the phone at the same time.

It also has a slot for the dock connector, and holes for the camera lens and earbuds. If you've already performed a circumcision on your third-party buds so they'll fit into the iPhone, you may have to take that little prick back to the operating room for this one. Available later this month, pricing wasn't announced yet.

We say, save your money. This case doesn't give us any iWood at all. The iPhone's design is pretty enough; don't ruin it with some case, even if it is made of the finest endangered woods.

iWood Mahogany Case For The iPhone [Sybarites]

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