iSkin, DLO and XtremeMac Intro iPhone Stuff

iPhone_stuff.jpg Man, it's like all of these accessories makers have been just waiting for iPhone to launch. First we had the availability announcement of Belkin cases and accessories, now DLO, iSkin and XtremeMac have jumped on the pile-up with some wild, if not all universally appealing, add-ons.

iSkin has a futuristically styled case, the "revo," silicone with an embedded antimicrobial agent to keep you healthy as you fling your iPhone into germ-infested situations. Revo also includes "a touch-compatible privacy film and a ViSOR, an ultra-clear polycarbonate scratch resistant screen guard for the large iPhone screen." It will set you back US$39.99.

DLO Jam Jacket - US$24.99 - It's a silicone case that comes in Black, Blue, Pink and Frost. There's a "headset management system" (that is, a few hooks so the wire doesn't tangle up). DLO promises "total access to iPhone controls" too.

DLO HipCase - $34.99 - For gentlemen who like to wear their phones on their belts (if not their pride on their sleeves). This leather flip-up case provides access to iPhone headset jack, even when closed.

DLO says an Action Jacket to protect iPhone from sweat is coming, along with updated iPhone compatible hardware such as an AutoCharger and a TransDock Deluxe with steering wheel-mounted remote control.

XtremeMac steps up with its first hardware, the US$19.95 InCharge Auto car charger that boasts the official "Works With iPhone" seal of approval. By coincidence, it's also "Made for iPod."

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