Is PlusMinusZero's Toaster the Wii of Toasters?

plusminuszero_toaster2.jpgIs there such a thing as the Nintendo Wii design effect? If so, the PlusMinusZero Toaster may well be a perfect exemplar of Wii-ness. Consider the evidence: • It's small, white and squarish. • Where other toasters go for bigger and better sets of toasting options, this one underwent a technical downgrade in the name of simplicity: It has a slider, a knob and just one slot for bread. • Just available online in Japan for 8,400 Yen ($68), it's bound to be in scarce supply for some time. There's just one final qualifier to make it a true Wii-scendant, however, one that we can't judge from the picture. Will the PlusMinusZero Toaster appeal to non-toast-lovers? Guess we'll have to buy a loaf of bread and find out. [PlusMinusZero via MoCo Loco]

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