iPhonize Your PSP With iPSP

iPspicture%207.pngOhh...that new iPhone you got is really nice. Yeah, really! Did you stand in line? Good thinking, even if it cost you your job. What's this I have here? Oh, nothing. Just something I call the iPhone. No, of course it doesn't look like yours. I would never be caught with consumer-grade tech. Is it better? Of course it's better. Let me ask you a question: does your iPhone play UMDs?? Didn't think so.

The iPSP software allows you to not only skin your PSP, but links you to handy portals like IM clients. Still, our favorite feature has to be the "turn your PSP" command. The download is free, and besides, what else are you doing with your PSP?

[download via technabob]

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