iPhone Shopping Bag Sells for $305 on eBay

shoppingbag.jpgOur jaws collectively dropped when we saw this iPhone carrying bag which was about to sell for $305 on eBay. It's a shopping bag, folks. Sure, it's more like an open-ended box than a mere shopping bag, and we were in pretty impressed with it, but $305? WTF? we haven't seen this kind of insanity since Beatlemania. See the winning bid, after the jump.718099241_acf2f604b6_o.jpgChecking eBay this morning, we see the auction for the $305 bag is over, but now there are quite a few other attempts to sell such packaging, none of which are getting $305 bids just yet. However, there are a couple of iPhone carrying bags whose sellers will let you buy it now for $500. Stop the madness.

How Much Would You Pay for an IPhone... Bag? [Blog You like a Hurricane]

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