iPhone Destruction, From Accident to Premediated

random%20from%20camera%20100WTMK.JPG Let's start with the accidental... ;)

A reader dropped her iPhone (pictured above) shortly after buying it, from a distance of only two feet up, but managed to crack her screen on the thinly-carpeted floor. But with no replacement plan, insurance, or any sort of clumsy-protection, she found herself screwed out of $600. That was, until the Apple store from which she purchased the unit emailed her and replaced it free. Wow. Her quote: "I guess they felt sorry for me."

This guy drops his iPhone in a similar situation, just after opening. But the tech appears unharmed, maybe because it fell with some of the packaging.

Premeditated iiphonedrop.pngPC World trashed the iPhone pretty well. The find it very scratch resistant to keys. It survives a drop on carpet and tile, and a handful more on the street. All the iPhone suffers are a few scratches. Choice quote: "You won't have to coddle it like it's a baby."

Thinksecret completely dissected the iPhone. In the name of science? Kinda. Dissections show that quite a few internals can be found in other popular phones, like Blackberries.

This video is along the same lines, but they actually show video on the dissection. The iPhone getting hammered is every bit as gruesome as the first five minutes of American History X.

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