Ionic Fridge Freshener Tries to Suck Up Stench

4397.jpgThis Ionic Fridge Freshener looks to be the same size and shape as a garden-variety soda can, but it's festooned with evocative imagery, perhaps in an effort to convince you that it will actually get that horrible smell out of your refrigerator. What are you storing in there, anyway? Dead bodies?

This concept of ionic deodorization sounds mysterious and scientific, sure to convince the innocent that it will certainly do some good, maybe even kill a few of those horrible germs in the process. Maybe it does. We're big fans of that fresh, wonderful smell after a severe summer thunderstorm, and that's related to ions, isn't it?The cordless Ionic Fridge Freshener might work even better if you put an open container of baking soda next to it. This prettified tin can might do an especially good job of keeping that prosaic-looking box of Arm & Hammer company. Available in Britain for £8.95, that translates into $18 Stateside if you feel like importing it yourself. [Alternative Gifts]

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