Incase Protective iPhone Cover Tested (Verdict: OK)

incasestock.pngThis Incase Protective cover is the first piece of retail-bait I couldn't resist in the Apple store. The good: It's the sleekest of all cases in stock there, so it won't make your iPhone look like a Tonka truck; it's rubberized, available in blue, red, and grey; and has a neat topographical pattern all over it that supposedly helps grip; cutouts or ridges for all buttons; helps the iPhone fit snuggly in iPod docks.

The bad:It's isn't actually so skinny that it allows handset to dock with the Apple iPhone dock, despite it being the sleekest around, requiring me to remove the case or just use the dock cable alone. You should be acutely reminded that this won't help protect your screen, but this isn't so much a fault as a part of the design. (Maybe it'll work well with the Invisible Shield coating. The company says it won't impact the touchscreen's sensitivity, but we've yet to test that out.) As I remove the case for docking reasons, it is starting to stretch out, like a wizard's sleeve. This should cost $15, not $30, and Incase, you know it.

Verdict: I'm satisfied with it.

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