iBotics Stingray Up Against it at in a San Diego Swimming Pool

picture8.jpgThis is the Stingray robo-sub, one of the competitors in the tenth Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition, which is taking place at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego this weekend. Rather confusingly, one of its rival's entries, from the U.S. Naval Academy, is known as Project Stingray, which you can see below. It's not as sexy as the one above, although the Academy boys get points from me for looking buff in their shorts.

The Stingray, with its carbon-fiber hull, is the brainchild of the San Diego iBotics Student Society, a bunch of undergraduates from a variety of colleges and universities in the San Diego area. They and the Naval Academy will be battling it out against teams from Duke, Cornell, MIT and last year's winner, the University of Central Florida. There's a whole bunch of other pics at over at CNET if, like me, you're into hot pool action.


[CNET News]

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