Honeywell HDMI Extender Keeps Your Signal Strong for Over 30 Metres

hdmiextender2.jpg HDMI is the way you're gonna want to hook up your fancy HD home theatre setup. But if you're running cables at lengths of over nine metres, you're going to need to spend tonnes of money on overpriced cables in order to keep the signal integrity up to snuff. Right? Well, not necessarily.

The Honeywell HDMI restorer goes between long lengths of HDMI cable and makes sure the signal stays strong and the quality is as good as possible, even at distances of over 30 metres. It's a much cheaper choice than Monster Cables, and if you're running cables in your walls it's a no brainer. At least we assume so, as pricing and availability is unknown. But hey, if it's less than like $US2,000 it's cheaper than 30 metres of Monster Cable. [Honeywell]

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