Healing Theater Umine Gives You that Sinking Feeling

umine_projector.jpg So, you've pulled The Man From Atlantis/Daryl Hannah in Splash/The Little Mermaid and you've won the "My place or yours" contest. This is what you use to set the mood—Umine's Healing Theater. Costing $84, it emits soothing sounds of the sea—frolicking dolphins, mating whales, that sort of thing*—and projects green and blue lights on your ceiling. Available from the middle of August—I suppose it's aimed at those of us who won't make it to the seaside this year—the Healing Theatre runs on four C batteries and can also be used as a speaker. [Himeyashop via Sci-Fi Tech] *Maybe the animal noises are punctuated by the deep parp of an oil tanker's foghorn, I don't know.

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