Hands-on With Nyko's Wii Party Station

nykohands.jpgWe just got a hands on with Nyko's Wii Party Station and we can safely say that it's crazy. Crazy awesome. It's got pretty much everything you want to have when you're having a Wii house party, and it's designed cheaply enough ($24.99) for every Wii-owning family to use as an accessory to enhance their gaming.

But the best part is, of course, the chip holder. Nyko told us that they were going to re-evaluate the design and increase the size (making it deeper and wider) to accommodate more chips. The amount in there is enough for one person, but as a party tray it's fairly under-stocked. But the idea is great.

There are LCD scoreboards (so you can keep track of which one of the four of you is winning), Wiimote holders, a drawer for Nunchucks, a fan (like the bowling alley) for sweaty gamers, four freezable soda cup holders (with built-in gels to maintain coldness), and a chip and dip holder for, obviously, chips and dip. We didn't eat any of their chips, because it was presumably sitting out all day getting poked at by sweaty journalists.

The soda holders were nice and solid, and has the gels on the inside so it keeps your soda cold for a while longer outside the fridge. The tray holds two Nunchucks, which is usually enough for most four-player games. The LCD scoreboard wrks by manually adding or subtracting a point depending on whoever won a game (works for every game, obviously). The fan's definitely a great touch for everyone who's throwing the Wiimote thanks to sweaty palm syndrome.

The current version's still just a prototype, but they plan to release a final version in the next couple months.

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