Hands-on With Nyko's E3 Accessories

nyko360guitars.jpgIn addition to having the fantastic Wii Party Station, Nyko also had a bunch of other accessories for all three consoles. First, a wireless Xbox 360 Guitar Hero guitar, which is still in the prototype stage and may not even make it to market. Their guitar may hit a whole three months sooner than the official Guitar Hero III wireless guitar, but there are a couple caveats. One, you need a wired controller to hook the whole thing up.

Instead of using the default Microsoft wireless controller scheme, which Microsoft's still being stingy about, Nyko's gone and made their own. It requires an adapter box (included), and a wired controller (it can be a regular controller or even a wired Guitar Hero guitar) to be plugged in while in use. The good news is that all the functions, including whammy and tilt star power actually works.

Nyko's still not sure on the price or whether they want to bring it to market at all, since the official controller will be wireless and won't have the limitation of requiring a wired standard controller.

Other accessories are the PlayStation 3 controller Nyko controller [photo] , which has 6-directional motion sensing, and even a removable battery pack for external charging. It also charges via miniUSB, like the original SIXAXIS.

Then there's the Nyko Cooler for the Wii [photo] , that attaches to the back of your Wii in order to add another fan for cooling. It's a passthrough design, like the Xbox 360's intercooler, which means it's going to be sucking some power away from the Wii. We saw how well this worked with the Xbox 360 (it bricked some), so this may or may not be a good idea. Hard to say now.

A more useful product, we think, is their classic controller attachment grip [photo] . This hooks to the classic controller and gives you a nice DualShock/SIXAXIS-like grip on each hand. It also has a place to attach your Wiimote on the back, and a cord wrapper so you can get that out of the way.

For the PS3, there's the IR remote and adapter [photo] , which we talked about before, that allows you to either use this remote or universal remotes—most of which are IR and not Bluetooth—to control your Blu-ray and DVD movie playback.

Lastly, there are the Nintendo DS travel cases [photo] , which comes with the case, car power adapter, two styluses, and what looks like a belt clip.

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