Handsfree Transporter Pwns Segway, Looks Less Geeky

hands_free_segway.jpg What if a Segway didn't require you to a hold onto its stalk and look like a dork? That's the idea of the Handsfree Transporter, a Segway clone invented by Ulrich Kahlert that's so close to its original, the two may end up in a courtroom. Meanwhile, this transporter leaves the hands free to do lots of creative things. steadicammount.jpg The company's already using this hands-free transporter as a camera platform, perfect for a Steadycam operator to move about freely while taking shots with his gyroscopic camera mount attached to a special bracket.

There's also been dances choreographed using the contraptions, with the participants wearing long skirts to cover up the device's wheels. There's no info about pricing or availability to the general public yet, but this hands-free idea looks like a crucial improvement over the original Segway. [Handsfree]

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