Hand Gesture Watch Needs No Buttons

gesturewatch_zoom.jpgIn a case of divine irony, the smaller and more desirable our gadgets become, the harder they would be to use. That's why researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a watch that can be controlled by gesturing, eliminating tiny controls not meant for our mortal caveman hands.

Measuring movement through five infrared sensors, four of these sensors are used for two-dimensional hand controls occurring over the watch face (like up/down, left/right and circles). The fifth sensor seems to be designated for movements of the watch itself, though that aspect of control is less clear.

With embedded Bluetooth, users could control a host of objects through a wrist interface, promoting seamless-designed devices á la The Future. As a child I was always fascinated by buttons, but I guess that my own children will laugh at such antique novelties. [discovery via technabob]

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