Greenbox Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Biodiesel

greenbox.jpg With the billions of dollars being pumped into research every year, is it possible that the auto-emissions problem could have been solved by a trio of fisherman in Wales? It's possible. Three fishing buddies (who also happen to be organic chemists and engineers) have developed what they call the "Greenbox," a device that basically neutralizes harmful emissions when attached to a vehicle.It works by trapping the offending chemicals before they manage to get out the exhaust pipe. The box is removed when full, basically whenever the car is filled up, and replaced with a fresh one. It's then sent to a bioreactor, full of carbon dioxide in its inert state, to be fed to algae and converted into biodiesel. That diesel can then be pumped right back into vehicles. It sounds like a pretty amazing system, and tests have shown it working at 85-95% efficiency. The fishing buddies are in talks with companies such as Toyota and GM, so hopefully we'll see something like this become a widespread reality sooner rather than later. [Reuters]

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