Gold USB Flash Drive, Another Insane Indulgence?

gold_usb_drive.jpg Okay, we're starting to see a trend here. If a device turns into a commodity, start gussying it up with gold plating, or even solid gold. Is that what's happened with this Younous swing gold flash drive, holding 512 MB to 16GB of ordinary data underneath its seemingly extraordinary exterior? It's just 8.7mm thick, easy to carry in your pocket and flash around in front of everyone, making them think you're some kind of dot-com billionaire. Could this be another crazy-expensive gadget, like that $19,434 solid gold iPod shuffle we showed you last week?Apparently not. This thing must not even be clad in real gold, because from what we can gather using our limited Korean translation skills, the cheapest one of these drives costs a grand total of $15.47. Well, you could just tell everybody it's made of solid gold. Incidentally, 16GB in such a small size might actually be useful, at least until the gold plastic wears off. [EZ Guide (Korean), via TFTS]

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