Gigantic-Clawed Dragon Bot Terrifies and Helps at the Same Time

dragon.jpgUpdated: The Enryu T-53 "support dragon" has two powerful yellow claws at the end of each hydraulic arm, but, fear not, it's here to help. The 3-ton rescue vehicle is controlled either with joysticks or, à la Robot Jox, a system where the arms of the machine mimic the arms of the operator, though with slower movements. It's like a crazy robot version of the jaws of life.

The T-35 would be able to sort through a crumbled building far faster than human workers with its precision arms and hands capable of a fearsome 220-pound grip. Also, it's wireless LAN capable and is able to broadcast the video taken from cameras located atop the vehicle as well as on its arms, and has a plow at its front to move through debris. It's a bit of a hog though, as its water-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine can only keep the machine running for six hours. [Impress]

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