Ghetto Wii Wheel From Billet Mechanical Takes You Back to the '80s

wiighettowheel.jpgIf you thought the plastic-looking Nintendo Wii Mario Kart wheel was a little too classy, Billet Mechanical has the wheel for you. First, it's not even a wheel. It's a Knight Rider-like half steering wheel that has grips on the two ends for gripping. It's not like you're doing hand over hand on regular wheels anyway, but shaping it like a wheel is probably the least you can do for the authentic wheel experience.Also, this thing is $44.95. We're guessing that some of your money goes into the aluminum and velcro build, which probably feels quite a bit nicer than plastic. The rest? Into the fantastic product design. But hey, if you're ever pretending you're Michael Knight, this and a talking watch with the voice of William Daniels will get you all the way home. [BilletMechanical]

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