Get This S2 Hammer, and Everything Will Start Looking like a Nail

ATOM-S2-hammer.jpg Just when we were thinking the hammer had already been perfected, ATOMdesign steps in with this S2 Hammer, designed with a split head that reduces the shock to the hands and arms of the poor sucker who has to bang on stuff with it all day long. He-man hammer beta testers say this beast can drive a nail to the hilt with just two strikes, approaching nail-gun territory. Despite all of its high-tech design goodness, this mofo hammer's creators decided to stick with the carpenter-favorite hickory handle.Designed for tool purveyor Vaughn & Bushnell, the S2 was deemed pretty and practical enough to win a Best of Category award in International Design Magazine's 53rd annual Product Design Competition. It also snagged a Bronze Award in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) sponsored by BusinessWeek (see some of the other award winners here).

This is one serious-looking hammer, and while it probably can drive a nail in with two hits, were worried about what it's going to do to our thumbs when we miss. Ouch. We'll stick with a nail gun, which can drive dozens of nails in just a few seconds. [ATOMdesign]

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