Get Cathode Corner Nixie Watch, Grow Beard, Be Like The Woz

nixie-watch.jpg Remember that cool two-digit, wrist-activated nixie watch Woz likes to wear? Well, now you can be like The Other Steve for just $395, amazing genius and pranks obsession not included. See the Wizard of Woz demonstrating how it works after the jump.

The watch for sale is cool, but look at the original square model in the gallery. That absolutely kicks nixie ass.

Tech specs Size: 2.2" (55mm) diameter by 0.79" (20mm) thick Strap width: 20mm between lugs Weight: 2 oz. (60g) exclusive of strap Color: Black, hard anodized Crystal: Mineral glass, 1.8" (45mm) diameter x 0.07" (1.8mm) thick Battery type: CR2 lithium disposable, 750mA-hour Battery life: Approximately 4 months at 50 viewings per day, no seconds display Processor: PIC16F872A, 8192 instructions per second Cathode driver: 2x TD62083AFN Power controller: LT1308B Tilt sensor: ADXL311

[Cathode Corner via Sci Fi Tech]

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