Fuwapica Furniture Matches Your Girly Drink, Lovehandles

fuwapica.jpgIn the future, all furniture will glow. But if Fuwapica has anything to say about it, the glowing will quantify your embarrassment.

Fuwapica seats are, at their heart, about social humiliation. Coming in Honeycomb and Ice varieties, they assign you a color based upon weight, providing us with luminescent evidence that, yes, we are the fattest guy in all of LA. The seats then coordinate with other seats close by, while coordinating with the table's sensors that detect colors sitting on its surface. (The table features a computer and LCD display screen for control over the chairs.)The result will both call our your penchant for eating too much food and drinking too many Appletinis. Hopefully, at least, someone else will be picking up the tab for the privilege. Pieces run between $1,510 and $3,520 a pop. [inventorspot via ubergizmo]

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